If your organization is getting serious about figuring out how to continue providing cellular or data service during a disaster this solution from General Dynamics Mission Systems and PodRunner are solutions you may want to consider.  The FirstRunner system is a versatile, deployable LTE tower that is designed to be set up quickly–even in locations that other deployable solutions might not be able to access.

This system could fill the gap while you wait for FEMA and the network carriers to deploy their COLT’s and COW’s to provide emergency cell service.  This may also be a solution for use in areas where these larger systems may not be deployed or for rural hospitals that may be not considered a candidate for deployment of these scarce resources.

Check out the video on the UrgentComm website showing how easy the cellular system is to deploy and a quick overview of the equipment.


 If you are interested in this type of solution see the PUSHECS page “Compact Rapid Deployables” page.

If you only need to provide service for a small area such as your command center or ED you may also consider suit case deployables.  FirstNet and Sonim have developed a solution, see the PUSHECS “FirstNet Suitcase Deployables” page for more information.

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