The MissionCritical Communications website has a number of white papers and webinars which may be of interest to the PUSHECS community.  Visit their website or see the links below.  Access to the webinars and white papers may require registration.

FirstNet — Medical Emergencies & HIPAA Compliant Data Sharing
Learn how Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA, and American Medical Response are successfully managing growing volumes of patients and ambulance calls using FirstNet and the FirstNet Verified app – e-Bridge. Then, learn how ambulatory service providers quickly configure and implement another FirstNet Verified app – Corrata – to safeguard HIPAA-protected data on and between mobile connections and devices.

Erin Markt, Sr. EMS & Prehospital Coordinator, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA
Kimberly D’Angelo, Clinical Education Specialist, AMR Western MA
Curt Bashford, CEO, General Devices
Dylan Fermoyle, Vice President, Corrata


FirstNet — Apps Help Agencies Meet the Changing Demands as Incidents Unfold

Law enforcement agencies are challenged with disparate communication tools when other agencies and multiple disciplines are required for a coordinated response. In this webinar, learn how tools implemented by SWAT helped the full police department and surrounding agencies quickly onboard onto a common operating picture as an active shooter event unfolded. Retired tactical operations veteran Brad A.K. Beck will give a live demonstration of a FirstNet Verified app – beamFirst – so you can see how to quickly provide situational awareness firsthand.

Then, learn more about how you can benefit from the new Compact Rapid Deployment (CRD) equipment offered by FirstNet. And, hear how your agency can use the no-cost services offered by the FirstNet Response Operations Group (ROG) to maintain continuity of operations.

Bill Lane, Sr. Vice President, BeamLive Inc.
Brad A.K. Beck, Vice President Operations, BeamLive Inc.
Stephen Devine, Director of FirstNet Strategy & Policy, AT&T

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