Ideas, tools, and resources to help your organization adopt resiliency planning as part of its core planning.

The After Action Reviews process can be a core concept to help mature and validate your emergency preparedness efforts.  See these ideas, tools, and templates for taking your After Action Review process from a compliance process to a driving force for improving your systems and processes and enhancing your organization’s resiliency during a disaster. 

PACE is an acronym for “Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency”, and provides a framework to document communication planning for your organization and individual departments and groups.  A department with a PACE Plan in place will know how they plan to communicate under not only normal operations but also during times of disaster and systems failure.


Thinking of your communication system as part of a larger system will help your teams prepare for a broad range of incidents and disasters by highlighting the linkages between systems that may impact you in unexpected ways.


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published emergency preparedness requirements for healthcare organizations in 2017. Check out ideas, tools, and templates for creating a Communications Plan that will enhance your organization’s emergency communications and meet CMS-mandated regulations.