KIRO7 News recently ran a story about the Renton Fire Department moving to FirstNet to provide cell service for their front-line rigs.  The article mentioned Verizon’s recent issues with throttling data services for Fire Fighters in California but also pointed out later in the article that the Fire Department made this move before that issue hit the news.

It is interesting to see how important cellular service has become for Emergency Responders even as the standard public cell network has not been designed around the high availability needs of the emergency response community.

See the article and video here:

KIRO 7 Article – Local Fire Depts moving to FirstNet

PUSH ECS recently had a representative from FirstNet speak at our quarterly meeting check here for a copy of the slide presentation for more information:!AkE9_WfNCqUlgi8mQIg3i_kgjUTh

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