Regional Government Alert Systems

A list of local and regional notification and alerting systems that you can sign up for to receive notifications and information during an emergency or disaster.  These are excellent resources to have staff sign up for a part of your employee emergency readiness program.


Federal Government Alert Systems

A list of Federal Government notification systems that provide notifications and information during an emergency or disaster event.  Includes information on IPAWS, EAS (Emergency Alert System), and WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts).


Cellular Service for Emergency Communications

An overview of the cellular service for emergency communications such as the FirstNet system and links to associated organizations and services.


Radio Systems for Emergency Communications

An overview of how radios can be used in an emergency, information on radio systems in the Puget Sound Region, and guides and training materials for your staff on how to use radios during an emergency.


Employee Personal Preparedness

A list of tools employees can use to create home and personal preparedness plans so they can be assured family and loved ones are prepared for a disaster and can communicate during and after the event.  Helping employees stay in touch with loved ones and know they are safe and well allows them to concentrate on the incident response and stay in the game.


Regional Utility, Traffic, and Weather Alert Systems

A list of local, and regional websites providing real-time and predictive information about utility systems, power outages, regional traffic status, and weather maps and alerts.


GETS, WPS, and TSP Emergency Communication Services

An overview of the GETS, WPS, and TSP priority communication services programs.


Communication Planning Resources

Resources and ideas to help your organization create an Emergency Communications Plan and meet CMS requirements.


Washington’s DMCC system

An overview of Washington State’s DMCC system.  Disaster Medical Coordination Centers are designated hospitals where trained medical personnel gather to help coordinate patient movement during an incident that may overwhelm the healthcare community.



An overview of the Department of Health’s WATrac patient tracking system.


Washington State 911 Information

Information on the State’s various 911 systems including a spreadsheet showing alternate 911 contact numbers


WA State Emergency Planning Regions

An Overview of the Washington State’s Emergency Planning Regions


Informational Websites

List of information websites related to emergency management and communication systems.


Deployable Solutions

Deployables is a term used to describe systems that can provide communications, data, and other services in a mobile transportable form factor.  This can range from trunk-mounted equipment or small handheld or suitcase systems.