911 Alternate Contact Phone Numbers for Washington State

Always use 911 first. These alternate 911 numbers are only provided for use in emergencies. Do not try to test the system.

A full list of numbers to reach local agencies amid any 911 outages in King County can be found at the King County Emergency Management site, kingcounty.gov/alt911. A full list for Washington counties can be found at the Washington State Emergency Management site,  mil.wa.gov/911-alternative-phone-numbers.

A downloadable spreadsheet providing a list of alternate contact numbers for emergency services for the State of Washington is also available for PUSHECS members. The list shows Counties that have implemented Text-To-911 as an option to contact 911 centers.

Click to download – 911 WA State Alternate Contact List

Washington State PSAP’s

A downloadable spreadsheet showing all Washington State 911 Public Service Access Points (PSAP).

Click to download – https://1drv.ms/x/s!AkE9_WfNCqUlhAl0aypTI28bthRZ


Learn about King County’s E-911 Strategic Pan

The Strategic Plan for the King County regional E-911 system was set in motion in 2015 by the King County Council and the Regional Policy Committee. As recommended by the scoping process in the spring of 2016, this plan provides:
  •      A system to integrate with the state’s E-911 system and local jurisdictions;
  •      A ten-year technology investment strategy;
  •      A ten-year sustainable financial plan; and
  •      An ongoing decision making or governance structure

Click to download the report – https://www.kingcounty.gov/~/media/depts/it/e-911/KC-911_StrategicPlan_20171218.ashx?la=en