Deployable Systems

Deployables are systems that provide critical equipment or services in a form factor that allows for deployment during an incident.  These systems are transportable, not normally fixed, and often have the ability to provide their own temporary power source.   These systems can range from large truck-mounted systems to small suitcase solutions.  Click on the links below to find out more about different types of deployable solutions and links to more information or vendors.


 COLT’s and COW’s

Cell On Light Truck (COLT) and Cell on Wheels (COW) are cellular systems normally owned by the cell carriers which can be deployed during an emergency, cellular system outage, or for large events that replace or augment the local cell towers.

Compact Deployables 

CRD’s are smaller systems that can be deployed during an emergency or an incident to provide data, cell, or other emergency services when service is lost or no service is available in our area where the staff is deployed.  These solutions normally are purchased at the organizational or site level as they provide service for a larger amount of people or an entire building.



Suitcase Deployables

For spot solutions providing voice and data services to a command center or department, suitcase deployables can provide an inexpensive small scale solution during an emergency or loss of service. 



Handheld Options

Handheld solutions such as satellite phones and Wi-Fi hotspots