Making a Combined WPS and GETS call

If you have made several unsuccessful attempts to complete a WPS call, users should retry their call using the GETS service in coordination with their WPS enabled device.  This process sends a call directly to one of three GETS carriers, improving the probability of call completion by providing multiple alternate routes.


1. Confirm that you have a cellular signal and your GETS card is available.
2. Dial *272 (710) 627-4387.
3. The call will be routed to one of the three GETS carriers. It may take over 60 seconds to connect to a GETS carrier during heavy network congestion.
4. Listen for the tone, then enter the twelve-digit PIN in front of the GETS card (do not enter # after the last digit).
5. Listen to the voice prompt: “Please enter your destination number now”.
6. Enter the destination number (omit the 1 before the area code).
7. You will hear an announcement, “You are using GETS, AT&T/Sprint/Verizon.” The network will route your call to the destination number.


This process may take over 60 seconds after the announcement to connect to the destination number during heavy network congestion.

During emergencies, network congestion can change over short time intervals and distances. WPS users should continue to retry WPS calls after a short wait or change in location if they have difficulty completing WPS calls.

If a combined WPS and GETS call does not complete, users should follow the steps above but dial an alternate GETS access number during step two instead of the number listed above. The alternate access numbers are listed on the back of the GETS card and they provide additional routes for call completion.

  • AT&T: *272-888-288-4387
  • Verizon: *272-800-900-4387
  • Sprint: *272-800-257-8373

Note that callers using WPS cannot use the 1010 numbers listed on the back of the GETS card.


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