Making a GETS call

GETS is to be used by authorized personnel in an emergency or crisis situation when the landline network is congested, the ability to complete a normal call is hindered, and you are unable to complete emergency calls through normal or alternate telecommunications means using the public telephone network. 


You need 3 things to use GETS  

  1. A telephone or cell phone connected to the public telephone network. 
  2. The universal access number for GETS.  1-710-NCS-GETS (1-710-627-4387) 
  3. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your GETS card


From a Touch-Tone or Cellular Phone  

  • Get an outside line  
  • Listen for dial tone  
  • Dial 1-710-NCS-GETS  
  • Listen for the tone 
  • Enter your 12-digit PIN 
  • Listen for the prompt  
  • Enter the ten-digit destination number 
  • If call fails, try an Alternate Calling Method 


GETS calls cannot be made to toll-free 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 numbers 

Help is available 24 hours a day by calling GETS User Assistance: 1-800-818-GETS (4387) or 703-818-GETS User Assistance can help with:  

  • Questions about GETS 
  • Problems in using GETS 
  • A lost or stolen PIN card 
  • Suspected fraud 

GETS Card Sample 


Printable Instructions and Wallet Card


Additional Resources

GETS User Guide – a complete description of all calling methods