Developing a Media Communications Plan

Below are some questions to consider when developing a media communications plan for your healthcare organization. These questions are not exhaustive; instead, they are intended to initiate and facilitate a conversation around necessary aspects of the communication plan.  The Additional Resources section provides links to tools and articles related to media communications planning.


-Who manages your media relations?

  • Does your organization has an assigned group or staff member that manages media relations. 

-Does your organization have a media communication plan? 

  • Who is responsible for your organizations media communication and public relations?   
  • Is there a defined communications plan that allows Incident Command to communicate with the media relations manager or Public Information Manager? 
  • Who will approve the media communications messaging in an emergency?
  • Does the media communications team  participate in emergency drills?

-Where will your media communications team meet the press during an incident?

  • If you need to host a press conference have you selected a location in advance? 
  • Will the location meet the needs of local media?
  • What is the plan to manage media for a large scale event?  Where will media outlets park vehicles or set up cameras?  Is your Public Safety team aware of this plan and will they have resources to manage the media>