COVID-19 Resources

Information about resources that may be useful for PUSHECS member organizations involved with the COVID-19 response.

Inclusion of specific vendors or resources does not imply an endorsement or recommendation by the PUSHECS Council.


Washington State Vaccination Sites  –

Locations for community vaccination sites.


UW Humanistic GIA Laboratory COVID-19 Infection Map –

The map provides world wide information on COVID-19 infections and deaths. The map is updated daily.


UW Virology COVID-19 Dashboard

The dashboard of COVID-19 related facts and statistics. Updated daily.


King County Public Health News and

King County COVID-19 Information Page –


Weekly Washington COVID-19 Blog

Brett Daniel, CMIO with Swedish and Providence is publishing a weekly update and “lessons learned” on the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and its impacts on our health system in Washington State at this LinkedIn Account.

Communications Planning

DHS Guidelines on Teleworking and BYOD Security -

This publication provides information on security considerations for several types of remote access solutions, and it makes recommendations for securing a variety of telework, remote access, and BYOD technologies. It also gives advice on creating related security policies.


Resiliency Planning

Business Strategy Through Four Phases Of The Coronavirus Crisis

Forbes article by Stephen Wunker (3/23/2020) reviewing four phases of the COVID-19 response including the planning for the recovery phase.